Technology Architects, Inc

Established in 1997, Technology Architects has become one of the most reputable technology solutions companies in the country. We have been providing businesses with cost effective state-of-the-art solutions and unparalleled service that is designed within the scope of our customer’s business plan.

With certification to sell and implement some of the industry’s best solutions and tools, as well as our tier one support personnel, we have built several long standing partnerships with other top tier manufacturers products to provide companies with solid solutions to implement and maintain their competitive edge.

TAI has built its reputation on performance excellence. Our sales professionals, engineers and customer service staff will be involved in every step of the process. Our technical expertise has been acquired through years of experience, training and certifications that will provide you with peace-of-mind.

Our goal is to understand your unique technology requirements as they relate to your specific objectives, growth, position in the market and budgetary concerns. Technology is all about customization and scalability. We believe every customer has unique IT/Networking and telephony requirements and those requirements should parallel the business plan of the customer. We will design your technology platform based on your historical plans, current plans and most importantly, your future plans, to ensure you are getting the strongest return on investment as possible.

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