From design to management, Technology Architects has been in the data center arena almost two decades with several experienced engineers and project managers. We have a tool set that ranges from management of the environment to tracking of its contents.

TAI has been designing, building and managing data centers for all size companies including the large enterprise. We have the management capabilities that help you manage the environmental (cooling, power), the content (servers, networking equipment, Operating Systems) and space. Are you running and utilizing the locations as efficiently as possible?

Asset Management is a key element of making sure you can utilizing your data center as effectively as you can. If you do not know what is in your data center, it is difficult to manage.

We have the capability to provide you with asset management that is accurate up to real time. We can perform asset scans on a scheduled basis, to not only tell you what is in your data center, but also what is being used. Are there servers that have been orphaned or are there applications that are no longer being utilized?

With in-depth asset management, we can also make sure you are in compliance with OS versions and patch management. Our tool set can ensure that your “Life Cycle” management is managing your capital expenditures and operating expenses to the optimal efficiency. By providing real time data reports, CFO and budgeting groups are assisted with the management of contracts, maintenance and support contracts. Reports provide them advanced information on when the “Useful life” of the equipment and software is coming to an end, years before that time. By providing that three to five year outlook as to what is happening, will alleviate that unexpected spike in spending requirements.

Let us help you with the decision of “The Cloud”. Is your data center and its contents getting beyond the point of return? Is the cost to running an outdated location really putting a crimp on your monthly spend? With an in-depth analysis of what you have and what its utilization really is. We can help you put the “Real” cost together on moving to the cloud.