Managed Services

Technology Architects has been in the business of implementation, management and support for almost two decades. With that much experience and history, we can definitely implement a solution that fits your needs, has the flexibility and expansion you would expect and maintain it for you at an affordable monthly fixed cost.

These solutions range from basic file and print services to a complete secured WAN implementation with data, voice, video and help desk support.

We understand that business do not always want to become IT experts along with running their core business. We will implement and maintain a complete on premise solution owned by you to a fully cloud based solution that is housed on specific providers equipment such as Office 365, Hosted Exchange, WebEx and industry specific application service providers.

Manage cloud based backup, Email security and redundancy by putting your “Hot Site” in the cloud.

Compliancy and patch management has become an unbelievable overwhelming tasks for companies. Companies are spending millions of dollars and not really seeing any benefit from it. We have the experience and tools to take these tasks off your hands and help you understand what you really need to do to stay within compliance.