A CISCO certified Implementation Company for going on two decades. TAI has been implementing networks of all sizes and designs in all type of environments. Installing LAN, WAN and wireless networks for all kinds industries both nationally and internationally.

As an expert in network design, we have implemented LANs that are budget minded, very low “total cost of ownership’ to worldwide enterprise WAN networks utilizing several medium types that are designed with 99.999% uptime requirements.

Implementing a network in today’s world is far from what is was even 10 years ago. Speeds and feeds are increasing every day and the competitiveness of the carriers and providers make the world of contract negotiation an overwhelming task. TAI can help with services from RFP writing and distribution to selection and qualification. We can redesign and refresh all the LAN, WAN and wireless equipment needed to keep you in front of the competition at an affordable price without sacrificing reliability and functionality.

Another challenger for today’s network design is remote access and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). We have been helping companies implement networks that can safely and securely allow access to company information and tools from anywhere in the world.