Technology Architects has been implementing IP Telephony since it has been a real solution. Now that is it main stream, we are a leader in implementation and support. We have solutions that start at a small, single site type implementation that can be implemented as a managed solution to a capital expense on premise implementation. We also implement scalable solutions that can span several locations with no geographic limitations. Systems with Call Center, complete redundancy, and many other adjuncts such as call recording, email integration and reporting.

With CISCO Unified Communications System Video, video conferences are almost as easy as a traditional voice call. We have implementations that include remote video personnel at the touch of a button.

In today’s IP Telephony world, we can utilize your smart phone, tablet or workstation as the single, full video device that is completely integrated with no geographic boundary.

We implement systems that will integrate with security systems, card access systems and paging systems that allow emergency evacuation announcement capabilities.